What is this place? This is a subscription blog serving as a fundraiser for the Veteran Artist Residencies (VAR) non-profit.

The VAR was founded by author and veteran N. B. Hankes in order to provide resources and a living space for up-and-coming post-9/11 authors to write free of distraction.

The lifetime goal of this mission is to support four veterans through this process.

A subscription to this blog costs $20 per month, so if you and 131 other good people like you subscribe, VAR will be operational. That's totally doable. And even better, the subscription is considered a donation to the non-profit. So at the end of each year, you'll receive a donation receipt that you can share with whoever it is that prepares your taxes.

Here's what you can expect from the subscription:

  • Exclusive content sent directly to your inbox every week. Some writings will come from me, others from our veteran artists.
  • Every chapter of the Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail book, which will include never before seen photos and an embedded audio player with the audiobook chapter included.
  • Work in Public drafts and musings from veteran-artists. I will personally be sharing my progress on my Tao of Einstein project and plan to begin writing essays regarding consumer-driven activism to explore the possibility of creating a full manuscript.
  • Audio interviews with residents and more.

Where's the Money Going?

What is the funding used for? The majority of funds will go straight to the veteran-artists staying here. The living stipend will get paid out monthly and is intended to reduce some of the survival anxieties associated with modern living. Some of the funds will help cover the cost of utilities used by the studio. And The Ink People Center For the Arts, a local non-profit, gets a 15% cut for their role in handing all the financial and legal requirements of running a non-profit.

In a perfect world, the financial breakdown will look like this for each veteran:

  • $2,000 per month stipend (x 5 months)
  • ~$100-300 per month utilities (x 5 months)
  • 15% cut to The Ink People

    So, math would conclude:
  • ~$13,225 per veteran, with a monthly operating cost of ~$2,645.00

Sure this is a non-profit mission, but we want to earn your support and bring you along on this journey as we reimagine the veteran experience. And hopefully we can get some amazing art and ideas out into the world.

Here's How You Can Support and Participate

One Time Donation

    Donations of $50 or more receive our "fund art, not war" sticker.

You'll also receive an email receipt immediately after your donation. Save it for tax season. Let's fund art, not war.

Do you know a talented veteran writer America needs to hear more of?

Let us know who you believe deserves an artistic residency by visiting veteranarts.org and filling out our talent reporting form at the bottom of the home page.

Visit the non-profit website at www.veteranarts.org and share this article using the share icons below.

N. B. Hankes

N. B. Hankes

Founder and best selling author of "Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail."
Humboldt County, California