Tampons, Dead Dogs, and Other Disposable Things

In this week's post I'm sharing Shairi Engle's play, Tampons, Dead Dogs, and Other Disposable Things. This script won the Arts In the Armed Forces Bridge Award and is being prepared for performances at Air Force bases, West Point, and various other venues across the country - often with big names attached.

If you've never read a play before, you'll learn a lot about the format. It's not like reading a book.

And you'll learn a lot about Shairi. But first, the characters:


JEN: 40(ish) A hummingbird of feelings - her lips flap
violently and she darts from topic to topic.
Also, she's a deep well.

JOE: 40(ish) The best friend to every stranger he meets.

DEAD DOG: Feel free to include a fake dead dog (Preferably
fake. Yeah, definitely preferably fake. Not preferably
dead). And hey, if you'd like, throw another preferably
fake dead dog in there.
N. B. Hankes

N. B. Hankes

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